Health Essentials Physician Network

In 2014, Medicare and Medi-Cal will partner to launch Cal MediConnect: a new health plan for more than 450,000 seniors and people with disabilities living in California. Through partnerships with the state's largest health plans, Health Essentials invites physicians to participate in this revolutionary healthcare movement by joining the Health Essentials Physician Network.

The Health Essentials Physician Network aims to:

  • Reduce hospital readmissions

  • Increase care coordination among providers

  • Provide more visits and patient-centered care

  • Establish a high quality of life for all patients

  • Provide more treatment in place at the bedside

Becoming a Member of the Health Essentials Physician Network
The HealthEssentials Physician Network was created specifically for physicians who care for chronically-ill patients requiring long-term care. As a member, you may continue to operate your own practice, but with the added support of Health Essentials' clinical and operations team. You will also gain access to major Cal MediConnect contracts secured by Health Essentials.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Competitive reimbursement rates

  • Bonus opportunities based on quality care

  • One-stop credentialing process

  • Non-exclusivity: see patients under other health plans

  • A supportive care management team, including NPs and other clinicians

To learn more about joining the Health Essentials Physician Network, call (888) 783-3736 or e-mail

Additional resources for HEPN members

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