Is Hospice Right For Me?

For some patients, there comes a time when treatment is no longer working. Although your condition may have reached a point that a cure is not likely – or not worth the side effects of treatment – you still have options. Choosing hospice does not mean that you are giving up hope. Far from giving up, hospice emphasizes quality of life and pain management so that you can spend your last months focusing on the most important meaningful aspects of your life. Remember, it is better to learn about hospice sooner than later, so you can benefit from the compassionate support hospice has to offer you and your family.

A patient may be considered a candidate for hospice care if one or more of the statements below apply:

  • Patient has a life-limiting illness

  • Patient is no longer seeing curative treatments

  • Patient's physician has determine that hospice is appropriate

  • Patient has made multiple trips to the emergency room within the last year with the same or worsening symptoms

  • Patient requires daily pain medication

  • Patient has experienced serious weight loss

  • Patient has difficulty completing daily tasks

  • Patient and family want the benefits of hospice care

  • Patient wishes to remain home rather than spending time in the hospital

*If a patient lives beyond six months after admission they can continue to receive services as long as a physician continues to document the patient's eligibility.

Please review our Frequently Asked Quesions section for more information.

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