Our Partners

Health Essentials and the family of companies partners with health plans, skilled nursing facilities and provider groups to coordinate and manage senior patient care in a patient-friendly, clinically-effective manner. We care for patients in over 200 assisted living facilities, round more than 350 nursing homes and provide more than 90,000 visits per year. Some of our clients include:

our partners
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Corporate Headquarters
3401 W. Sunflower Ave., Suite 225   •   Santa Ana, CA 92704   •   Toll-Free: 888.351.6962   •   Fax: 866.711.0102

Health Essentials is a Nevada Limited Liability Company organized and existing as HealthEssentials, LLC.
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Patient services are provided without regard to race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability (mental or physical) or place of national origin.