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Today, the health care following a patient's discharge from the hospital is fragmented and lacks coordination and communication. The failure to properly manage this fragile process can lead to patients not getting the proper care they need, resulting in medication errors, unnecessary pain and suffering, preventable hospital readmissions, and higher costs of health care.

As healthcare reform focuses on managing costs and improving quality of care and patient outcomes, innovative strategies for providing cost-effective and patient-centered care are desperately needed.

Health Essentials has the solution.

Health Essentials patients' individual needs are matched with the appropriate level of care and clinical expertise. Our care delivery model promotes effective communication across the continuum of care, ensuring that our team of health care professionals has clear and shared expectations about their roles in providing care.

Health Essentials holds sacred the art of providing high quality, individualized care to the frail and elderly population. We are uniquely configured to engage with partners, patients, and families to coordinate care, drive quality outcomes, and decrease the overall cost of healthcare.

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GeriNet Medical Associates is actively seeking partnerships and currently contract with health plans, preferred provider organizations (PPOs), medical groups, and independent practice associations (IPAs) on a capitated and fee-for-service basis to provide specialty physician services.

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