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In the United States, short-term acute care is the most common hospital setting. Typically, patients in this setting are hospitalized due to an accident or illness and require emergency attention. While the goal for most of these patients is stabilization and recovery, some of them require ongoing, or post-acute care, often in skilled nursing facilities (SNF's), Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE's), retirement homes, board and care homes, rehabilitation centers, or one's own home.

GeriNet Medical Associates (GNMA) is a network of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing compassionate care to post-acute patients. GNMA physicians specialize in partnering with each patient's primary care physician (PCP) to ensure that care for the patient is properly coordinated from the moment they leave the hospital. Our physicians maintain ongoing communication with the PCP while actively improving each patient's quality of life.

Founded in 1996, GNMA provides care to skilled nursing facility residents in California and Nevada, and is currently expanding into Arizona. Our GNMA physicians service more than 400 skilled nursing facilities in Southern California including the San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada.

How Does GNMA Provide Better Care to Patients?

GNMA healthcare professionals emphasize compassion when caring for patients – a concept often overlooked in skilled nursing facility environments. They are experts in making the transition from the hospital to the post-acute care setting as comfortable as possible. They are committed to caring for our patients as individuals; as always, their highest priority is to improve their patient's functioning abilities, wellbeing, and independence.

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