Referring your Patient to Health Essentials

At Health Essentials, we'll work with you to make the referral process for hospice care as simple and painless as possible for the referring medical team. Our referral process starts with an assessment to determine if the prospective patient is eligible for hospice care.

If you are a medical professional and would like to submit a patient referral for hospice services, please contact the Health Essentials corporate office:

Health Essentials
3401 W. Sunflower Avenue, Suite 225
Santa Ana, CA 92704

If you are a family member or friend and would like to inquire about hospice services for your loved one, please contact Health Essentials and a member of our staff will be happy to direct you:

Health Essentials
3401 W. Sunflower Avenue, Suite 225
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Who is Eligible?

A person is eligible for hospice care when his or her attending physician certifies there is a life expectancy of six months or less – if the disease runs its natural course. A referral may be initiated by a medical professional, the patient, a family member, or friend. Common conditions appropriate for hospice care may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Heart Diseases

  • Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia

  • Renal Failure

  • Cancer

  • Failure to Thrive/Debility

  • Chronic Degenerative Neurological Disease


  • Pulmonary Disease

  • Liver Disease

  • Stroke

Why Refer to Health Essentials?
  • Easy Referral Process: As soon as you make a referral to Health Essentials (via online form, fax, phone, or request), a Health Essentials Admissions Coordinator will contact the patient/family and schedule a time to go to the patient's place of residence (home, SNF, ALF) or hospital for an admissions visit

  • Same-Day Response Time For All Referrals: By responding to all patient referrals within the same day, our goal is to provide the best possible hospice care for your loved one, immediately

  • Communication: We communicate with the Attending Physician/Nurse Practitioner on an ongoing basis regarding the patient's condition and the need for care plan updates

  • Patient/Family Education: We provide education for patients/families on subjects including pain and symptom management, signs and symptoms of impending death, coping with caring for a terminally-ill loved one, etc.

  • 24/7 Availability: Our staff is available for patients and their families 24 hours a day

  • Referring Physician Updates: We encourage referring physician participation in the development of the patient's care plan and regularly communicate your patients' condition

  • 24/7/365 Pharmacy – We have an onsite pharmacy available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We also provide overnight medication delivery to wherever our patient receives care, and our pharmacists are directly involved with after-hours triage

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) – Our goal is to make the patient as comfortable and pain-free as possible. By providing state of the art medical equipment to a patient's home, we specialize in transforming their place of comfort into a place of care

Our Hospice Referral Guidelines provide a reference to other hospice eligibility standards that are specific to an illness or condition. To request a copy of our Hospice Referral Guidelines, contact the Health Essentials office nearest you.

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